Greater Is

Greater Is

There is no love more significant than that abiding in us. As we go through life, do we live it abundantly and to the fullest? Or do we simply chide others and eschew the sovereignty of the Almighty God. Do you seek to fulfill the great commission? Or are you a part of the sly devil's significant omission? Seek Heaven's mercy o' brother and dearest sister. Can we all be a part of a bigger picture with no fantasy, only truths greater and fountains fuller?

Greater is he who sees me where I am and knows where I am going. Paramount in his standing and brightest in his future. He sees me traveling onward a great precipice set by his only son. Traveling in his footsteps, stumbling where he stood tall. Like the steps of a mere child crying out for peace. I plea, o' plea for Heaven's mercy seat. All because greater is he that is in you and me.

Unbind your weary heart, my friend, for invoked in your honor is the greatest of 10,000. Not the lesser of evils, but the Lamb of God instead. We find that when we unite and humbly set by discord, we make a less tragic world. When the addled like I, in turn, take a bow and promptly recite a blessed verse. When my scars are less than his stripes, and yours are counted thusly so. We see a grand resolution where the curse of sin is shed like the loosest of the skins.

Greater is he who walks the valley and the mountain traveling both high and low. The Shepard in the distance searching for his own. What would he think if he found straddling the fence between life and death waiting on him with discontentment? Would we really see ourselves so great and of no offense? I say it's time to quit talking about the fence between belief and lack thereof and to pardon no longer ourselves for the gates in our own homes.

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