His Mercy Seat

His Mercy Seat

Do you bend one knee and proudly say, O’ Lord, you are sovereign

Do you praise the God of Israel, the Holiest of Kings?

Though I am none, you are tremendous, and forever will I say

O’ God of Israel, none are like you with eternality and grace

No sacrifice more known or worthy of further praise

When I die a little more inside, you revive my coarse flesh

When I choke up for tears, looking and hiding amongst my fears

You find me in the deep waters of my regret and instability

When peace of mind runs dry, and I cannot seem to buy my way out of this trouble

You lift me up and set me free

Love unending without boundaries

Your arms held wide

With you, I know I cannot fail to find peace of mind

All it takes is one more moment than I have, then I slip and fall

But you pick me up when no one will when I think I’ll die

We are freer than our sin, for it only coincides with the death

The death that holds no power over the Spirit within us

No ransom for the devil’s pride

His foolish last attempt was a play at death and nothing else

Forever we will be somewhere else

The greatest Heaven we have ever known and only to behold

Will I be walking with the Shepard, a prince in his holds?

With my eyes on fire and my voice like his with rushing waters

Will we speak together to the nations and walk both son and son the one true God and Man

Will I shed my shell and pick up my Father’s hand and walk with him into the Kingdom?

Can I ever expect to be more than this through him?

Will I shed my lasting sin and flesh and bind to him the very best I can?

I see us now in the clouds and Heavens we both see you

We are waiting for the end where God and man are one again

Where we can be together and worship with each other, dancing in the Spirit

All one people together no strife, no anger, no discord

Not separate but one accord where we step into peace everlasting

Sitting at the mercy seat

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