I am Sorry

I am Sorry

Forgive me for my weakness, my shameful unfaithfulness, unrest, and distressing anger.

If I could forsake my actions before they began deriving a better outcome by distilling peace with your spirit

I would dually welcome the experience of the love first felt with only you set upon as my task.

If their voices had not whispered deception with me falling for the seeds of their ungainly end

If I had met, you sooner I would hope to have felt your intensity in the way that I desire

None to come between

I am sorry that I am so weak and with fault and without reason.

My sense was stolen, my first love taken, and everyone running me aground.

Called as if though I am useless, taking in all they had

Fed drunkenness and slander death and destruction

You picked me up, and though I have not been faithful as I should

I would hope you can forgive me, for true love is what I desire.

One without my mistakes to haunt us where they can harm you in my stead

I would hope to tackle all things together so that we can stay secure with you forever.

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