Inspirational Poetry

I will try to, on occasion, write some poetry to inspire you. I have already published a book of poetry and am looking to write more. This is from a new collection. My currently published book is Birthed, Rebirthed, and Born, Turned Around Again and can be found on Amazon, Wipf and Stock, Barnes and Noble, among others. God Bless!

What I Want to See

A bride in the meadows is a sure blessing on this day

Time for the miracle from on high to lay grace on me

Your soul to me I see a precious flower

Spinning in the wind

Wings of a bird stretching wide gliding through the forest

Seeking harbor in the arms of a mighty tree

Pleasant bride o’ bird of peace sees the mighty oak

Come here to rest and find your strength in me

Cast your burdens do not be weary just come near me

You are all I want to see

Turning in the wind, a peaceful dove

Lent from up above down to me an answer to all prayer

Precious bird o’ waxing moon spend the night

Harboring all pleasantries gliding on to me

Best filled in with a sudden kiss

Two of one feather and one of accord

Conjoined in high spirits and hopes

What I want to see is what he sees in you

The Lord of Heaven, God of all creation

When will I see all you can be?

Is it waiting in the winds or standing right in front of me?

When will I see you?

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