Straying Church

In difficult times we must not stray from the path of righteousness. Feelings of disparity and mistruths may be scattered about in our name. Though we are defamed, and the Lord is cursed by wagging tongues, we must stay strong in unity. When we see our brothers and sisters in need and do not act, we feed the enemy's lies, those that curse at God, and our lack of compassion gives them unto the world. The salt and season of our perseverance are neglected and washes away through inaction. These days we see many troubling things. There are many perversions amongst men and women. The houses of God do not fall without blame, as many have allowed this contrition a voice and even nurtured them with support.

Brothers and sisters, we are called to stand together in steadfast love. Lust, in many ways, has crept and seeped into the church. Many are called above God, attempting to be put on pedestals and altars in his place. Instead of glorifying one another in the Lord, we see a few taking superiorities. In the church, we see problems with cohesion. We do not love one another as we should and do not carry one another's burdens in peace. There is much discord and strife and even giving each other less credence than we would those who are not among us. While we are to search for those bearing peace that we might spread the name of the Lord and find new footholds, we are not to neglect one another as we do so.

These days, we have seen many societal pressures and attacks of a spiritual nature. Do not forget the word and challenge its teachings, as many seek their own knowledge and feelings of human nature instead. We can see the tremendous pressure of the world to lay down the word and take up a modified lifestyle. The truth of the Spirit does not lay with the wisdom of the world but rather within the presence of God. Many have come to ignore his ways, having even read the knowledge of God's word but preferring a collective conscience of old idolatry.

The word is not stale, but belief is hindered by manipulated man through disparate theology and antiquities. Some claim to be amongst us but are not of us. We are seeing a time of separation. We are called to become separate from the world and not a part of the world. There are many of those in false belief who will see a reckoning. God is not deaf to the world, and many are seething in the unseen disguise of servitude to the devil. We are either for God or against God; there is no gray. We see not what we should, and instead of providing a united front, we have allowed idle disparity to engulf us to the point that true wickedness is pervading our ranks.

Instead of being given unto scripture, we are given unto entertainment. We see not vanity or discourse but instead participate in grotesque debauchery. We have allowed our children to be enticed and seduced by false doctrines participating in the truest sense of the lie in original sin. "You will not surely die." This world has been reduced to rubble in its lies. We see that many do not even understand the depths of original sin. It was not merely disobedience, but an act of rebellion of treason and ultimately conspiring with the defectors to God. But through the acts of God, we will be reunited!

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